What We Do 

 Classes, Workshops, and Seminars



 Following someone's path to find them.

Group tracking classes begin approximately every eight weeks.

My belief is to give you all the tools for a strong foundation for years of success finding those trails.

The Groundwork 

8 week course, the basics of tracking.

The Foundation

 24 week course, giving you the tools, and knowledge for years of success.

The Apex 

24 week course concluding with a 4 Day Retreat here in the PNW.


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Article Search 

Finding a specific item or multiple items.

Group Article Classes begin approximately every 16 weeks.

The Detection

 8 week course, the basics of detection.

The Finale

      24 week course in detection work concluding in a 4 day retreat here in the PNW.


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Workshops are offered a few times a year for both tracking and articles. A day to train with your team from K9 Track NW. Every skill level is invited to attend.

Coming up:

Tracking Workshop- August 23, Sunday, 9-5pm

Article Workshop- August 22, Saturday 9-5pm


Find the Trail - working multiple surfaces, intersections, and reading the negatives. 1 slot left

Location: Bellingham, Washington

July 11-13th, 2020

Your Goals- working on your set of goals in an urban setting. All four handlers will bring three items they would like to achieve and we will build our two days around those goals.

4 slots available

Location: Bellingham, Washington

August 8&9th, 2020

Urban Foundation Seminar- a strong foundation in an urban setting may have more to do with distractions than hard surfaces. Finding a balance to build a strong foundation in the city.

4 slots available

location: Bellingham, Washington

September 18- 20, 2020

Seminars for groups available.

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